Centre facilities

Attractions are not missing in Natura Park. Our aim is guests forget about the word “dullness". Doesn’t matter if an adult or a child, rain or sun, everyone will find his / her interesting activity.

The Salt Cave

The Salt Cave is space the takes you to the world of calm and relaxation. Crossing the threshold of the cave we get an impression that we move to the tale land full of crannies and precious treasures. In fact there are many treasures as the salt has the therapeutic properties. Iodine that is contained in the salt is an absolutely important microelement for functioning of our body.
Climate of the Salt Cave rebuilds and strengthens our organism’s defence system. 50 min session supplies our body with so much precious elements as a few day stay at the sea-side.
In the cave you may relax lying on deck chairs and listening quiet music. For kids there’s a play corner.

The graduation tower with a walk path

The saline tower is a construction built of wood, covered with sloe twigs via which the saline flows. Round the tower there’s aerosol created, saturated with iodine, bromine, and a full range of microelements such as magnesium, sodium, potassium, iron and many others. In the other words the graduation tower is just the pure health.
Around the tower there’s a terrace with benches.
The tower sessions have healing properties and are especially recommended for those who suffer decreased immunity, have often infections of upper respiratory tracts, allergy sufferers and asthmatics. It’s the perfect preparetion of kids and seniors for the autumn – winter season.


People say it is a hot therapy for body and soul. There is something in it because sauna session not only ease your stress and let you forget about it. It also helps to strengthen the immunity, clean the body from toxins, and guarantee the beautiful skin. Nothing else but use it!

The kids’ playroom

Not many things can be such a fun for kids as playing! If it’s in magic space, full of colours and interesting requisites, then kids feel like in paradise and parents may have time for themselves. Our room has nearly 100 m2 of surface, where the great adventures and experiences are awaiting the kids. It’s the perfect way to spend time in case of bad weather. Do kids get bored while the rain? Not in Natura Park!

The outdoor playground

Activity in fresh air is essential, especially for children who dispose endless energy sources. The centre’s playground is the fantastic way to spend active and creative time by the youngest holiday-makers.

The bike rental

Ostrowo and surrounding area is a beautiful terrain, full of virgin nature, full of crannies and fabulous views. There is no better way to visit these marvellous places than the bike trip. Natura Park gives you an opportunity to discover charms of the area by renting the bikes that are ready to wander the most ambitious routes.

The outdoor gym

For the proper functionality of the organism, very important is the physical activity and the right dose of fresh air. Our gym lets you join these two things, providing the right amount of exercise. Birds accompaniment and squirrels cheering are inseparable elements of Natura Park training.

Walks, Mushrooming

For those who are not fans of two wheels, and rely more on their feet, we recommend walks in the forest. Beautiful beaches, various forests are open for holiday-makers. In the autumn season it’s a mushroom pickers’ paradise, who will return with full baskets from each escapade.

The barbeque

Barbeque is a great idea to spend an evening with family and friends. With the rustle of trees and birds singing, with the roast sausage, you perfectly tell stories and bring back the memories. At our centre we have a roofed place for barbeque with a grill made of stone.

The television

For connoisseurs of the cinema, sport or cartoons we prepared a rich offer of TV channels. After the whole day spent on the beach, you can relax in front of TV and regenerate for another active day.

Wireless Internet

There’s an access for the Wi-Fi on the entire centre territory. It gives you possibility to browse websites not only in the lodges but also on terraces or playground benches.