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Offer for seniors


rabat dla seniorów


You have exceeded 50 years of age? You want to take care of health and fitness? Do you dream of breaking away from everyday worries and relaxation for body and soul? SOMETHING WE ESPECIALLY FOR YOU!

New Nature Park

Solarium Natura Park


Promised some time ago solarium is available for our guests

Last free holiday in August!

Natura ParkYou still have a chance to book accommodation for the holidays!

Expansion of the playground

Plac zabaw Natura Park


Our playground is constantly growing.

What was the wedding!

Wesele Natura Park


In the last weekend of May in both central restaurant barge was the first wedding. There was a lot of work, we tried to Joanna and Krzysztof along with the guests feel at us fabulously. Managed to!
The party lasted until dawn, both at the wedding, as poprawinach.

Changes in the Nature Park!

Natura Park

Natura Park has changed for you, to make it more beautiful place where perfectly the rests.








Recent vacancies on vacation!

Wakacje nad morzem


You do not yet have plans for the holiday trip? We still have free houses and apartments for the summer.

Successful picnic

Majówka nad morzem


 This year's picnic we consider baardzo successful. Weather nice for our guests - the sun all day working at full capacity in the company of single clouds. Blue sky contrasted great awakening greenery.


Picnic by the sea

Majówka nad morzem


Stay from 217 per person for a long weekend!

Merry Christmas

Wesołych Świąt

On the occasion of Easter, we wish you calm them live in a family atmosphere!