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Guests' Reviews

Nature Park is a place that fascinates and delights. Great facilities for leisure, great kitchen. WELL DONE YOU!


I would recommend to anyone who hopes to springboard from everyday worries and responsibilities!


Wonderful place. Delicious food. The friendly owners. I would highly recommend!


Natura Park is a really charming place where you can have a wonderful rest. My kids didn’t get bored even for a minute, they played "Hide and Seek" among the trees, watched squirrels and roe deer running behind the fence. Beaches in Ostrowo aren’t crowded, instead very safe for infants. My family spent a wonderful holiday there, and I especially recommend it for families.


Great time in a marvellous place! Far from rush of sea-side towns, and this forest just next door... Wooden lodges are well equipped and high standard. It’s a perfect destination for those who want to slow down from daily life, spend time with friends or like me with family. With a clear conscious I recommend it to anybody.


Ideal conditions for rest.